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Where Ordinary is  Extraordinary

YAYOI, a restaurant serving the authentic taste of a Japanese home-cooked meal.

Our teishoku-style meals are designed to support people's daily lives, based on Japan's principle of meals consisting of one soup dish, one main dish and two side dishes. With a good mix of traditional and modern Japanese dishes.


YAYOI's teishoku are nutritionally balanced and enjoyed in a casual setting.

Welcome to YAYOI, the restaurant where "ordinary is extraordinary". A place you will feel at home.

Rice is Eaten Around the World

Japanese cuisine is centred on freshly-cooked white rice served with a variety of side dishes. Rice is one of the 3 major grains, and the staple food for Asians. YAYOI USES KOSHIHIKARI RICE.


In terms of quality, the Koshihikari variety is the most preferred Japanese rice and you can find various brands at Japanese grocery stores. Our rice is imported from Japan, freshly polished in Singapore to ensure the freshness for our customers.


If you want to have more, we offer complimentary refills for rice, miso soup, and pickles!



Getting Through Without Cutting Corners

We keep in mind for every food served in YAYOI.


Food temperature is a part of flavours and we want to serve you fresh directly from the kitchen. 


We may not be that efficient but nothing tastes better than freshly prepared food for our customers.


Keeping this principle in our mind, we give our whole to cook each and every food carefully.

YAYOI Kaminabe Seafood Zen

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