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やよい軒ブランドムービー「Precious to me.今日に、よいもの。」
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Japanese cuisine has the power to bring

more smiles to the world.
At Yayoi, that's what we believe.
Because when you have a smile on your face
when you're eating something good,
you bring happiness to the
people around you.

We spare no effort to make sure our meals

are nutritionally balanced,
always making sure the ingredients we offer you are fresh and at the peak of flavor,
and in harmony with the
passage of the seasons.

Whenever you come, whoever you come

with, however many times you come,
you can always trust that our Japanese

teishoku meals
will be absolutely delicious.

Food is what gives strength
to both our bodies and our hearts.
When you eat something good,
you're sure to have a good day.
Now, isn't today a great day
to treat yourself to something delicious?


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Roots of YAYOI KEN


In 1886, the western-style restaurant "Yayoi" opened in Minamikayabacho, Nihonbashi District, Tokyo.
The restaurant was famous enough to be featured in newspaper advertisements, magazines, and pictorials,and appeared in the writings of the famous Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki, who lived in Minamikayabacho during his youth.
Today, we carry on the original Yayoi's tradition of culinary dedication as we bring Japanese cooking into the future and to people around the world.

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