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FAQs on Free Refill Station

Q: Can I pay $3.90 for refills if I haven't ordered any food?
A: The $3.90 charge allows access to the refill station when you order a la carte food. This charge is waived if you upgrade an a la carte order to a rice set.

Q: Do children under 12 need to pay $3.90 for refills if they order a Kids’ Meal?
A: Kids who order a Kids’ Meal enjoy free refills. If two children share one Kids’ Meal and one of them wants refills, an additional $3.90 charge applies.

Q: If a parent with two children orders a la carte with a rice set and a Kids’ Meal, do they get free refills?
A: Yes, one parent and two children can enjoy the free refill station under this condition.

Q: Can a parent pay $3.90 for refills if they only order one Kids’ Meal for their child?
A: Yes, the parent can pay $3.90 for refills. The child can access the refill station since the Kids’ Meal includes refill access.

Q: Can two customers share one a la carte and rice set order and both access the refill station?
A: Yes, if one customer orders an a la carte and rice set and the other pays $3.90, both can enjoy the refill station.

Q: If six customers share four a la carte and two rice sets, how does the refill charge work?
A: All six customers must pay $3.90 each to access the refill station.

Q: What if three customers share one a la carte and one rice set?
A: Each customer in this scenario must pay $3.90 for access to the refill station.

Q: Do customers ordering jyu, mabushi, or noodle items get free refills?
A: No, a $3.90 charge applies to access the refill station.

Q: Can customers order a side item like Takoyaki or French Fries and get free refills?
A: The $3.90 add-on for free refills applies only to main dishes or a la carte items.

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