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2021/12/31 What is Teishoku and why it is one of the most underrated Japanese cuisine?

Teishoku (定食) is a type of Japanese style set meal that is commonly served in local eateries and restaurants for lunch and dinner. Even though main dishes headline the menu, rice plays an important role in Teishoku as it has been consumed by Japanese people during the early times.

Comprising of one main, soup, rice and seasonal pickles, it eventually spread throughout Japan and transformed into the well-known convenient meal sets termed “Teishoku”.

Uniquely Teishoku

Unlike other traditional dishes, the presentation for Teishoku is based on Japanese etiquette for the placement of each item that is practiced by YAYOI Singapore. Facing the diner, the rice is placed on the left side as the most important item. This is followed by soup on the right side and the main dish at the back.

Teishoku offers healthy nutritional balance, aesthetics to please one’s five senses, chef's spirituality and also a strong relationship with the historical evolution of Japanese food culture.

How to enjoy Teishoku

Start with the rice and enjoy the soup. Then, take some rice again and enjoy the side dish. This allows you to adjust the saltiness and sweetness of side dishes to your liking. Finally. having rice after a side dish refreshes your mouth and you can enjoy the full flavour of the next side dish.

Why is it underrated?

Besides the experience of Japanese culture and its wide availability, Teishoku is a well- balanced that is packed with nutrients. You can often try different mains and even seasonal versions of Teishoku as budget-friendly, delicious meals. It is suitable for all people from families with young children to office workers.

Oh, and you can get complimentary rice, soup and seasonal pickles top-up at YAYOI Singapore!

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