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What is Kaminabe Zen?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

During the winter season in Japan, hot pots are one of the popular choices as everyone gather at the dining table to enjoy the cooked food.

As Japan’s various regions introduce their own version of hot pots, the unique kami-nabe from Osaka was something that amazes diners. The paper hot pot made use of thin machine-made washi paper that is loaded with dashi and an assortment of ingredients such as meat, mushrooms and vegetables. This is then set on top of a wire rack and heated over a fire.

The heat from the charcoal fire in the pot spreads evenly and cook the ingredients quickly. Despite being in direct contact with the heat, the dashi never gets hotter than 100 degree Celsius and the ignition temperature of the paper is more than 300 degree Celsius. As long as there is dashi inside the paper, it will never be burnt.

Another benefit of using paper pots is that they absorb froth that seeps from the food. This contributes to a cleaner, fuss-free dining experience.

At YAYOI Singapore, you can enjoy this unique dish without travelling to Japan!

Choose and customise your very own Kaminabe Zen with a protein and soup base of your preference!

Each Zen set consists of Rice, Ebi Tempura (2 pieces), Salmon Sashimi, Green Salad and Seasonal Pickles.

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